Flavia Di Cino

Curriculum Vitae as of April, 2020




Novels (2013-2018):

“Franco Di Cattaro, siendo joven todavía” – “29 de Febrero” – “Writing Left Handed”

Advocacy (2015-2020)

Human Rights, Environmental and Anticorruption advocacy before OECD, Judicial Bodies, United Nations, International Labour Organization, European Commission, Legislative and Executive powers on worldwide basis.

Articles (2000/2020)

Author of several papers and studies published by IAPG and International Gas Union, and of articles for International Policy Digest: https://intpolicydigest.org/author/flavia-di-cino/



Tenaris, steel tubes producer for Energy developments: Strategy planning manager. Main responsibilities: completion of the study on supply and demand of natural gas in United States and Canada which justified a 2 billion dollars greenfield investment by Tenaris in the United States; several studies on O&G production and drilling for main markets of Tenaris: Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Angola and India; completion of a model and preparation of an outlook of supply and demand of energy on a worldwide basis, for several time-spans. Delivery of presentations on Energy fundamentals in-company and on long-term outlooks on drilling expected activity to OPEC. Coordinator of the Study Group of E&P at the International Gas Union and Speaker and Roundtable Co-chair at World Gas conference 2012 (Kuala Lumpur). Attendee at World Conferences: WPC 2008 (Madrid), IGU 2009 (Buenos Aires), WEC 2010 (Montreal).  



Tecpetrol, Oil and Gas E&P producer: several positions up to Economic/Financial planning manager and Commercial planning manager.

Main responsibilities: operational hedging of oil prices; economic evaluations for the acquisitions of oil and gas fields in Argentina and Bolivia and for integrated E&P-transportation developments in the Southern Cone; studies and projections of gas and electricity markets in Argentina and South America; long-term outlooks for global oil supply and demand published by Boletín Informativo Techint Number 298. Coordinator of Strategy Study Groups at the International Gas Union and Speaker at the World Gas Conferences 2000 (Nice); 2003 (Tokyo) and 2006 (Amsterdam).



Siat (now Tenaris Siat), Welded pipes for gas pipelines manufacturer:  Economic/FInancial planning analyst. Main tasks: economic evaluation of investments, annual budgets.



Techint central-administration services: internal auditor. Main tasks: review of operational circuits.



Gas del Estado, former State-owned transportation and distribution company of natural gas in Argentina: Economic/Financial planning analyst. Main tasks: economic evaluation of investments, annual budgets.




Teaching Experience:


2006/2012 – Professor at ITBA of post-graduate studies on energy fundamentals

1988/1994 – Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and UADE of graduate studies






1996     – Boston, The International Petroleum Management Certificate Program IHRDC

1982/1986 – Studies at the University of Buenos Aires, Degree: Accountant


Attendee: Robert Mc Kee´s Story Seminar (Buenos Aires, 2009)

Several seminars, conferences and congresses on business matters (1990/2018)